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Apple 13.3" MacBook Pro One Hot Deal

Apple 13.3" MacBook Pro One Hot Deal; Please visit - www.kihtmaine.com
A good deal when it comes to Apple's MacBook Pro; having an Intel-I5 processor, 4-gigabyte of system memory, and having a 500-gigabyte of storage at 5400-rpm running on the latest Apple operating system; a best all-rounder and best deal netbook in the market.

People nowadays are buying notebook because of their portabillity and their prices, that anyone can afford--of course, status symbol is an added bonus in some countries if you are using or owning an Apple computer.

For people who are looking an Apple notebook, Macmall is selling an Apple notebook that fits that requirement.

Apple 13.3" MacBook Pro One Hot Deal; Please visit - www.kihtmaine.com
As I checked the details of the item that they are selling, the computer is categorized as a notebook; a notebook with a specification of a mid-entry laptop (Windows based operating system) because of the computer-parts that they used on this product.

Here are the reason why the said netbook performs and has a specification of a mid-range laptop for Windows based operating system.

We will take a look on the processor; the processor that they used on this one is an Intel-I5 processor which also used on Window based laptop--on the netbook category, it is very common to used an Intel Atom processor which has less horsepower compared to an I5 processor; the next is the system memory, the said netbook already has a four-gigabyte--enough to do task that you can do on a mid-entry level Window based laptop; take note that it can be upgraded to eight-gigabyte of system memory; running Max-OS X Mountain Lion.

You will enjoy also this latest netbook, for its hardrive; it has a 500-gigabye of storage enough to store your favorite music and video files; for its graphic processor, they used an Intel HD Graphics 4000 series displaying on a 13'3-inch LED screen, having a maximum resolution of 1280x800.

The latest Apple MacBook Pro are equipped with 802.11N and Bluetooth 4.0 on its wireless internet and a Gigabit brand as its networl interface card.

Other features available on this netbook and comes as a standard are: Firewire-800 ; two USB slot on 3.0 standard (Thunderbolt); headphone/microphone combo jack; SD card slot; and one thing that I like about Apple is that they have 90-days phone tech-support and one year warranty on its computer parts.

So if you are looking or investing on a new notebook, then the latest Apple MacBook Pro netbook will be your option.

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